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Dortmund Airport

Our company provides transport services, taxi services, transfers for guests flown or departing from / to airport Dortmund, for example from London.

To find out how to get to Dortmund, we offer to use the services of our taxi. Typing on the Internet search query, "a taxi or shuttle service in Dortmund site", you immediately will be taken to our website. And there you will be able to order online transfer.

Features Dortmund Airport
Dortmund airport - the third largest civilian airport in North Rhine - Westphalia. Basically, there are tourist and business passenger traffic. In 2009, the airport took advantage of almost 2 million passengers. Terminal consists of 13 seats for aircraft parking, 10 gates, 28 check-in desks and 3 baggage conveyors. Airport runs from 6.00 to 22.30. The terminal is open from 3.30 to 24.00. 500 meters from the airport is the automotive interchange. Through it passes the B1 and A44 motorways. In 2012, the airport reduced flying companies AirBerlin and Easyjet, when the airline Wizz Air, on the contrary, began to gain momentum.

Features of our taxi service in the city of Dortmund
We are engaged in passenger transport across Germany. We are happy to take you from the airport to the center of Dortmund, or anywhere else in Germany.

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- Arrived in Dortmund, you can order our taxi online, saving time and money spent on the conversation;
- We have a calculation of the cost of instant taxi. Also, our service offers the feature of payment order online;
- Policy of our taxi - it is a fixed cost of the trip. Thus we guarantee that drivers will choose the shortest path. Taxi prices in Germany (Dortmund), our service is always available;
- You do not need to pay more for a simple traffic jams;
- We provide insurance to all our customers, so you can not worry about your safety;
- All of our drivers - it's professionals with many years of work;
- Drivers are well oriented in the area of the city, which will also save the time spent on the road;
- We try to not only take you to the location, but also leave a good impression from the trip or travel. Therefore, our taxi service invites you to explore the sights of Dortmund or any other place of interest for you, order the transfer on a trip in Germany and Europe.

Why our taxi in the city of Dortmund
As a rule, in Dortmund, as well as any other unfamiliar city for his guests, there are two basic questions: How much is a taxi in Dortmund and what to see in Dortmund during the trip. Everyone is used to the fact that only offer a taxi service to transport a client, for example, from Dortmund airport to the hotel. We try to keep our customers some memories of their stay in this city, so we offer a range of additional services:

- Transfer to the exhibition;
- Trip to the amusement park in
- Shopping in Germany;
- A trip to Amsterdam, tours to Amsterdam or any other European city;
Once in the city of Dortmund, be sure to use the services of our taxi service for Dortmund site.

We always leave pleasant memories!