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Meeting with the driver

The driver will meet you with a sign at the point of departure to the time specified in the order. The driver knows your phone number. He can call to arrange a meeting. Mobile phone must be switched on. Waiting time you or a driver at the hotel for 15 minutes at the airport 40 minutes. If you exceed this time, taken an additional charge.

Meeting at the airport
After receiving the luggage the driver will meet you at the exit of the arrivals area. Since landing flight driver is waiting for you up to 40 minutes if you stay longer in the region of arrival should inform the operator by phone +4917649290006. After 40 minutes, an additional charge is taken for the wait, the price of the car category from 30,00 to 50,00 Euro per hour. The driver keeps track of your flight on the airport board if the flight delay, he will know about it and will come later. Flight number you specify when booking a transfer. Check the driver can be on the plate with your name, which you specify when booking. If you do not see your name tag Atmosphere, do not panic, perhaps you simply do not notice the crowd or the driver stayed on the road. Look again in a few minutes. Most likely, the driver at this time is also looking for you. Make sure that your phone is up and running, the driver will contact you if there is delayed or not be able to find you. If the driver is not met you not be contacted within 30 minutes of leaving the airport, contact the operator by phone number +4917649290006.

Flight delay
The driver keeps track of your arrival by flight number. If a flight is delayed, the driver will come for you later.

Pick up from hotel
The driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby. He will be a sign with your name. Driver helps immerse luggage and take you to the airport or to the address. When ordering, be sure to transfer the full name and address of the hotel. The waiting time at the hotel 15 minutes.

Meeting at
If your trip begins with apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, and enter the address details on the venue. The driver will wait for you in this place, his hands will be a sign with your name. The waiting time of 15 minutes.

Meeting at the station or at the port
When making a car shuttle train is required to specify the number or name of the ship. The driver will choose the best place to meet and wait for you on the platform or at the pier with a sign that indicates your name. The waiting time of 15 minutes.